Editing the YOUKIzine in the virtual space!

Starting from some years ago, the YOUKI editorial team has been producing a high-quality magazine that is released after the festival. It is the concept of this magazine that it is being co-created by the audience and everyone who participates in the festival. Due to this not being possible at the festival centre in 2020, we have created an interactive online space that playfully encourages the co-creation of content from anywhere.

It is especially the absence of presence that offers the chance for us to exploit the benefits of meeting digitally. Associative methods of content creation will become even more interactive and diverse through this.

The YOUKI editorial team is led by NAKE magazine this year. The NAKE team has designed the virtual space and will maintain it during the week as well.

From Monday, Nov. 16 on, you’ll be able to enter the space of the editorial team via our website here.

Please contact for information beforehand or if you’ve got lost in the space.

Alone or in a group one playfully moves through the space and thus gets the opportunity of placing oneself into the space and participating in the YOUKI editorial team. Small riddles need to be solved to move from space to space. Every space will then provide an opportunity to collectively craft content for this year’s YOUKIzine.

We want to show that encounters in the digital space can provide an actual added value. This added value emerges when digital spaces are actually conceptualized as such and not just thought of as a replacement for physical interaction. The space of the editorial team incorporates actual three-dimensionality, spatial audio, diverse interactions and portals to further rooms as tangible benefits over conventional video conferences.


    enter now (open from NOV 16 >> 22)