What does YOUKI mean? (Why the name YOUKI?)

YOUKI started in 1999 as part of the Wels KINOVA Film Festival. At the time it was called YOUNG KINOVA but later changed to just YOUKI.

Where does YOUKI take place?

In the cultural centre ALTER SCHLACHTHOF in Dragonerstraße and in the MEDIA KULTUR HAUS in Pollheimerstraße Wels. Also in downtown Wels and in cyberspace.

What is the "Medien Kultur Haus" and what does it have to do with YOUKI?

The Medien Kultur Haus (MKH) is a multifunction cultural centre, it deals with different aspects of media production in our society, differences of opinion within the media world, film, music, contemporary visual arts and literature. YOUKI has its festival office within MKH as well as being a third partner of the building.

Where can i submit for the film competition of YOUKI?

You can sign up and submity our movies via filmfreeway.

When does YOUKI take place?

Every year in November. Usually end of November. This year (2018) YOUKI will take place from 20–24 November.

Why should I visit YOUKI?

Aside from the films, afternoon lectures, great concerts in the evenings and our delicious YOUKI canteen coffee? YOUKI is a living organism, full of passion and excitement, a media party and a lively playground for people to meet and to get to know one another. There are many reasons which make it worthwhile to visit YOUKI but we suggest you discover these for yourself.

How much is the entry fee for individual events?

This price differs. Entrance to film competition screenings (every morning at "Programmkino im Medien Kultur Haus") is free. The only additional costs will be for the concerts/DJs, although prices are very moderate.

Which events will take place in the "Medien Kultur Haus" and "Alter Schlachthof"?

This information can be found in the festival programme.

Who is YOUKI?

YOUKI is everybody who attends the festival to promote, organise, stimulate and those who help shape the festival in any way. YOUKI is primarily organised by the Media Space Association.

How can I take part?

You can submit films up until August 10th, these films will then run in the festival. Those who wish to work within YOUKI or to attend the festival can of course do so. For any questions feel free to write to us: office(a)youki.at

Is YOUKI a film festival or a media festival?

In essence... Both. A film competition within a media festival.

Can I work for YOUKI?

The best thing would be to send us an e-mail: office(a)youki.at

Who does YOUKI support?

YOUKI gives out several awards every year. Most of which are awarded during the festival as part of the international film competition.

What does the YOUKI team do during the year?

Aside from planning the YOUKI festival we are organising lectures, parties and more, within the "Medien Kultur Haus" and elsewhere, curating film screenings nationally and internationally and assisting young filmmakers with film-production. We are also working on many other projects in the MKH and other institutions in Wels.

Why is YOUKI held in Wels?

YOUKI loves Wels! To organise the festival outside of metropolitan infrastructure may be seem confusing to some, but YOUKI likes being on the periphery and the charming ambiance of the sometimes peculiar and contradictory feeling of hosting a festival in a small town like Wels. YOUKI is firmly rooted in the local cultural activities and urban living in this city. YOUKI has become a part of the structure of Wels and rightly so... YOUKI was born and raised in Wels.

Are YOUKI films available outside the festival?

For legal reasons we cannot show films outside the festival, but the 2010 YOUKI DVD Status Quo Vadis? Perspektive internationales Nachwuchsfilmschaffen which includes works from past YOUKI festivals is available. The DVD can be ordered from our office: office(a)youki.at

Does YOUKI pay for accommodation or travel expenses?

Yes, partly. But only for filmmakers whose work is officially recognised in the festival programme.

Can I work with YOUKI as an intern?

Yes, interns are more than welcome during the festival period. It is also possible to work within individual projects, for example with our festival magazine or TV.

For further questions email us: office(a)youki.at