October 14th

2 pm

@ Programmkino Wels

Free Admission

Workshop DCP-Creation - Common Mistakes & Pro Tips

What does a film need for the big screen? What technical aspects are necessary in the cinema for a good projection? What is a DCP? The two projectionists Andi Eli and Markus Zöchlinger support filmmakers on their way to big halls and festival screens. No previous technical knowledge is necessary.

The workshop deals with the technical aspects of a successful projection in the cinema from the unique perspective of the projectionist. The content journey goes from file naming to image and sound formats, subtitles and the elegant beginning and end of a film. The screening of films in mixed programs at festivals also provides plenty of material for discussion.

The experienced projectionists Andi Eli and Markus Zöchlinger fell in love with the perfect cinema experience years ago and support all filmmakers who want to bring a finished film from the monitor to the big screen. An exchange of experiences that will enrich both beginners and experienced filmmakers.