Selfie to self portrait - a fotography workshop

It’s simple to shoot a quick selfie with the phone ready at every possible moment - but what’s the meaning of self-dramatisation in photography? The workshop with LAURA ETTEL will deal with questions just like this one before participants finally pick up their cameras. They’ll be able to work on concepts for their self-portraits, realising them with professional support. Technical basics of photography will be conveyed outdoors or in a small studio setting alongside. The workshop’s goal consists of priming the participants’ ability to record their portraits in a self-determined way.

LAURA ETTEL started studying Composition and Directing at the Film Academy Vienna as well as Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna after finishing her diploma in Theatre, Film and Media Science. At the same time she has been working on film projects and realising freelance art. Laura is one of the founders of Kubus, a society for communicating art, culture, media and environment in Vienna.

Three-day workshop, NOV 21st till 23rd starting at 13:00 each day

70 € per person

(50% discount for European Youth Card holders, members of the Arbeiterkammer, subscribers to Der Standard, students)

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