Trophies 2020

Every year YOUKI invites artists from various disciplines to create the six coveted and unique trophies that will be awarded to the winners of the film competition. These artworks will be created in the course of the festival week. This year, they shall allow the winners to get a glimpse of a festival where, unlike previous years, they couldn’t be present – giving them a keepsake of a festival they weren’t able to attend physically.

This year we asked photographer PAUL PIBERNIG to create our trophies. He strives to be inspired by the mood, the people, and the details at the festival centre, capturing all of it on analogue film.


For Paul photography means the creation of a certain relation with the outside world and making it accessible via different dimensions of perception. This approach leads Paul to constantly trying new things, no matter if it’s the type of the shot, the perspective, or the relation to things, situations and people he wants to depict. Aside from photography he has been working on the project OTAMP for some time with which he tries to facilitate networking and visible-making of the scene of independent photographers. 2020 he is also organising an autonomos-photography-festival in Vienna called OFF GRID.


  • PROGRAMM 2020