The Team Killed My Darlings 2

Out Of Competition Programme

Friday November 19th 2:30 pm

@ Programmkino Wels

Anyone who views over 2000 film submissions has to make decisions. Decisions about which films will be shown in the programme of the international film competition and therefore get the chance to win a YOUKI Award.

The eleven-person programming team was rightly not always in agreement. Out of this disagreement the format “The Team Killed my Darlings” developed. It present films that are not part of the official competition programme. Each movie is a special favorite of a programming team member.

Last Coat on the Rack

Jimi Rosling

Fiction, 15min, Finland, 2021, OVEs

An empty hall, tinsel, a coat rack, a last red coat: the evening is over. Amidst this scene stands the guardian of the last coat and the last guest: A young woman who tries to get to her coat while having lost the wardrobe ticket for it. A moral problem for the coat’s guardian.


Jáchym Bouzek

Animation, 7min, UK, 2021, n/d

A young figure feels like they can’t be themselves in their surroundings, so they discard their old look to adopt a new one - but this could have unexpected consequences.


Ana Paula Chirino

Documentary, 10min, Mexico, 2020, OVEs

The filmmaker travels back into her own family history and uncovers human memory to be a puzzle that, year after year, loses more pieces while gaining new ones. Why do fragments of our story disappear? Which memories stay? How do the pieces we keep change their meaning over time?

drawn undrew draw

Angel Wu

Animation/Experimental, 4min, Taiwan, 2020, n/d

The fast-paced hand-drawn animation-movie scrutinises the detachment from one's own passion, asks questions that get answered in a diverse abstract way and underlays all of this with an unusual sound-design.

Somewhere in Outerspace This Might Be Happening Right Now

Paulo Malafaya

Documentary/Experimental, 17min, Portugal, 2019

An extremely personal visual poem about love, friendship, identity, everyday life and so much more coming from the heart. A reflection of a queer human for himself and everyone who also wants to get sucked in to Paulo’s world.


Lorenz Uhl

Experimental/Fiction, 11min, Austria, OVE

Julee has just about enough of this world, full of information overload and stimuli she has no desire to experience anymore. She takes a radical step towards ridding herself of the constraints of the sensory world.