The Team Killed My Darlings 1

Out Of Competition Programme

Wenesday November 17th 2:30pm

@ Programmkino Wels

Anyone who views over 2000 film submissions has to make decisions. Decisions about which films will be shown in the programme of the international film competition and therefore get the chance to win a YOUKI Award.

The eleven-person programming team was rightly not always in agreement. Out of this disagreement the format “The Team Killed my Darlings” developed. It present films that are not part of the official competition programme. Each movie is a special favorite of a programming team member.

Three Attacks

Anna Degenhart

Fiction, 13min, Austria, 2021, OVEs

The maganger Laura is taking a walk as suddenly something explodes right next to her. Responsible for this attack is Jannek. Since his plans don’t turn out to be very successful, this will not be the last attack…


Pedro Henrique Chaves

Fiction, 15min, Brazil, 2020, OVEs

There’s a rocket playground at the Parque de Cidade in Brazil. Children are romping around on it, launching each other into space. One little boy, however, gets scared while being on the rocket and doesn’t manage to slide down on his own.


Jasmina Huynh

Fiction/Experimental, 10min, Austria, 2021, OVEs

About an introvert who deals with social anxiety and is trying to prepare to go outside. The anxiety seems overwhelming, but once she manages to go outside, things seem to be going better.

Still Rendering

Ali Mostafa Al Rifaii

Documentary/Experimental, 10min, Lebanon, 2021, OVEs

Spanning a course of nine years, Ali Mostafa Al Rifaii takes us on a transcendental trip through his personal archive of video footage. Here we get a glimpse into his world, charged by personal and political turmoil.

Home School

Seung jae Lee, Joe an Yu

Experimental, 5min, Republic of Korea, 2020, OVEs

Seung-jae can't go to school, so every day he has to stay home and watch video lectures. He is fed up with this, so he starts to dance fiercely.