October 14th

8 pm

@ Medien Kultur Haus

Free Admission

Speeddating - Connect to Act

Filmmaker meets Actor Or: Just Another Networking Event

At YOUKI, different perspectives of the film landscape come together every year - often resulting in creative collaborations and projects. Now YOUKI wants to use this potential pro-actively and connect filmmakers and actors in a creative setting.

YOUKI enters the dangerous arena of networking events and aims to specifically bring together filmmakers and actors*actresses. In a speed-dating format, humorously moderated by Marlene Hauser (actress) and Alex Reinberg (filmmaker and screenwriter), people can chat about interests, exchange professional experiences and spin creative ideas.

Marlene Hauser, born in Freistadt, Upper Austria, is an actress. Studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar and is active in theater productions (including Volkstheater, Theater an der Josefstadt) as well as film productions (Die Trud, 3Freunde2Feinde). Alex Reinberg, born in Linz, Upper Austria, is a screenwriter and filmmaker. He studied at the University of Southern California and at Filmakademie Wien. Together, Marlene and Alex have most recently provided positive headlines, life crisis processing possibilities and many laughs with the film “HOLLYWOOD” (Leni Gruber, Alex Reinberg, 2022 - to be seen at the YOUKI-Opening 2022 ).