with Adele Knall

What makes a song? Where is the point where a song becomes a song, not just merely an audible sound? How do many sounds form a musical track? A crackle, the loud bang of a door, the push of a button, a quiet rustling… indeed, all these sounds can be and become music. They are edited, transmuted and contextualised next to each other.

Mittwoch November 18th 2:00 - 5:00 pm (CET)

online & free of charge

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The participants of this workshop will scout their surroundings beforehand and record the sounds therein with their phone. These field recordings are then brought into the workshop. With the aid of an open-source application, these sounds are edited together with the workshop instructor ADELE KNALL. The participants thus are able to learn about the production of tracks and can experiment themselves. The topics of field recordings and electronic music are also breached, just like the availability of different editing programs. All questions will be allowed here!

ADELE KNALL is a musician and artist from Vienna. Her sculptures, space installations, performances and videos are almost exclusively comprised of self-produced sounds and field recordings. Adele is part of the collective Sounds Queer that unites sound art, electronic music, and queer activism. With this, they strive to hand on their knowledge and tools, facilitating a space for exchange in the process.