About Postbuses and Time Machines

Reading with Anna Draxl and Barbi Marković

Friday November 19th 7:00 pm

@ Alter Schlachthof

Postcards that can travel through time, Italian chocolate ice cream and a huge psycho-economic disaster of the 90s. Guests are Anna Draxl, who resided in Wels during the YOUKI Summer Edition, and Barbi Marković. The evening will be moderated by the literary scholar Jana Waldhör!

Reading with Anna Draxl

A reading about old postbuses, aquariums, raised eyebrows and the simultaneity of losing and finding. In the form of a literary collage, memories layer themselves over voices, layer themselves over places, layer themselves over things and half-finished sentences: until the meanings in this mesh shift and the question arises: Who finds whom?

Anna Draxl grew up in Klagenfurt / Celovec and studies German at the Universities of Graz and Vienna and “Language Arts” at the University of Applied Arts. Anna is interested in th exploration of writing and recording practices, contemporary text forms and feminism.

Barbi Marković: „Die verschissene Zeit“

" Das Banovo brdo der Neunziger ist seltsam, es wimmelt von verzweifelten Menschen und klugen, unabhängigen Tieren."

(From: Die Prinzipien der verschissenen Zeit, In: Die verschissene Zeit. Das Rollenspiel)

As part of the YOUKI literary evening, Barbi Marković will read from her new novel "Die Verschissene Zeit", but also present the role play of the same name that accompanies the book. In the spirit of this year's festival focus LOST & FOUND, the author invites the readers to roam with Marko, Vanja and Kassandra through the Belgrade of the nineties and to rewrite the story again and again, to find it anew. The novel becomes a magic cube, a machine that lets us find new crazy adventures again and again, but also leads us on a joint expedition into the depths of collective memory.

Barbi Marković © Apollonia Theresa Bitzan