Begin: 7 pm
    Shortfilm Program: JUBEL YOUKI JUBILÄUM - YOUKI is celebrating 20 years!
    DJ: Ferdinand aka Boris Schuld
    Catering: Gemüsefee


Medien Kultur Haus

19:00 Opening Ceremony of YOUKI 2018

Shortfilmprogram: JUBEL YOUKI JUBILÄUM

DJ: Ferdinand

Catering: Gemüsefee

From 1999 on we’ve shown about 1700 short films on our screens! Our artistic directors (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Rudolf Agner, Anna Spanlang) have probed their memories, flipped through old catalogues and finally selected their favourite films. Subsequently, we’ll be dancing into the 20th YOUKI with DJ Ferdinand (aka Boris Schuld)!