• November 24th 2018

    Film Breakfast
    Media Meeting: BETWEEN TIME
    YOUKI Gala
    Dj-Set: Christian Pausch & Denice Bourbon


Medien Kultur Haus

11:00 Film Breakfast with Justin P. Lange

We invite everybody to our film breakfast on Saturday 11am where we’ll serve the finest muesli, farmhouse bread and scrambled eggs one can dream of. We’ll talk about making films in a moderated yet relaxed atmosphere and invite the director Justin P. Lange to join us and share his experience with actors, production and shoots. Every question as well as every breakfast preference is allowed.

Medien Kultur Haus

15.00 Media Meeting: BETWEEN TIME

SLIDIN' Alles Bunt und Wunderbar (Barbara Albert, Michael Grimm, Reinhard Jud, AT 1998, OmU, 35mm, 94 min)

SLIDIN`Alles Bunt und Wunderbar

Alter Schlachthof

19:00 YOUKI 2018 – Gala & Award Ceremony

Buffet: Gemüsefee

DJ: Christian Pausch & Denice Bourbon

Award Ceremony