Media Meeting #4


Saturday, November 24th 2018 | 15.00 Uhr

@MKH, Programmkino

SLIDIN' Alles Bunt und Wunderbar © Barbara Albert, Michael Grimm, Reinhard Jud

SLIDIN’ Alles bunt und wunderbar (Barbara Albert, Michael Grimm, Reinhard Jud, AT 1998, OmU, 35mm, 94min)

The three young directors Barbara Albert, Michael Grimm and Reinhard Jud have created an episodic film that encompasses the realities of young people’s lives. We’re time travelling to the pre-2000 Vienna, to youth worlds and subworlds. The three episodes flow into each other – side roles from the first film become protagonists in the second one.

In Tagada we see the students Petra and Nicole floating in the night, having elementary experiences next to superficial encounters. They are living in their colourful shrill world, roaming about, forgetting time and space. When they’re leaving with an unknown man, a rift develops between the two. Independently from each other, they try to act according to their ideals, meeting each other again in the end.

Asi Lu is all about night life, sex, amphetamines and a fetishism for clothing – and yet also about frustration and a feeling of constriction. Billie (Martina Pöll) sees too many empty guidelines in her vicinity. In the end, she sees those things in a serious way that others are only using for their thrills.

Crashtest is a road movie that spans the time between early evening and deepest night. On their way to a rave, the protagonists are staying out late. By chance, they’re finding themselves in unknown spaces, while sudden developments are heating up the mood. Out of nowhere aggressions manifest themselves in the group. What’s left is memories and a feeling of having experienced something.