Media Meeting #1


fm4 Filmscreening curated by Petra Erdmann

Wednesday, November 21st | 18.00

@ MKH, Programmkino

Tracing Addai © Ines Moldavsky
The Men behind the Wall © Esthar Niemann
Boomerang © Kurdwin Ayub

The Men behind the Wall (Ines Moldavski, ISR 2018, OmU, DCP, 28min)

Tracing Addai (Esther Niemeier, DE 2018, OmU, DCP, 30min)

Boomerang (Kurdwin Ayub, AT/IRQ 2018, OmU, DCP, 22min)

Is it allowed to change one’s relationship status without strings attached, at all times, and just so? No matter if it’s Tinder, Snapchat, Skype, or E-Mail – modern interpersonal communication takes place in virtual spaces. Between the images, lines and characters there’s a rather economical flow of social capital, insecurities and longing.

The protagonists in our BETWEEN, HUMANS short film programme meet each other over physical and political borders. Israeli director Ines Moldavsky is dating Palestinian men she found on Tinder and other online channels in her documentary The Men behind the Wall. By doing so, the artist transcends cinematical and cultural conventions in a subversive way. The Men behind the Wall won Best Short Film at Berlinale.

Filmmaker Esther Niemann documents the painful chronology of a disappearance in Tracing Addai, using animated scenes and touching interviews for this purpose. “I didn’t leave because I wanted to get away from you, be aware of that”, Addai writes in an e-mail to his German mother. There is no further contact between the two. Addai has gone to Syria.

Boomerang is the theatrical short film debut of Iraqi-Austrian filmmaker Kurdwin Ayub. After her celebrated documentary Paradies, Paradies! about her family life, Ayub once more writes a wonky father-daughter-relationship into her script. This time, real actors are getting on each other’s nerves, and true to Ayub’s style it’s online platforms where these curious characters can display their true-to-life laconic dialogues. “Go away dad, you’re embarrassing” – “I love you” the divorced father answers. Throughout almost the whole film he’s sitting in his car in front of his ex-wife’s flat because she hasn’t invited him to her homewarming party.

Text: Petra Erdmann