Media Meetings 






Festival Focus "BETWEEN"

There’s the past and the future, there’s here and there’s there, there’s the one and the other. There’s you and there’s me – and there’s what’s happening between us. What’s lying in between doesn’t usually meet the eye – and yet there could be no forest without the space between the trees, there could be no web without the holes between the threads. With this year’s edition of our festival we want to shine a light on exactly this space. Thus we’ll be creating space for thoughts and connections, for shared and new experiences. There will be time for us to position ourselves, time that makes us individual. A room full of possibilities that pushes one to reflect on interpersonal relationships, cultural exchange, societal norms or temporary changes. A room/a place/a time/an opportunity, without prescribed content, reserved for creative content.

We’ve curated four media meetings, with each focusing on a different aspect. Furthermore, a room concept for the festival centre has been developed with the goal of incorporating these spaces in between. There will be hints during the whole festival week, reminding everyone to perceive these between-worlds and make them one’s own.



Wed - NOV 21

18:00 @ Medien Kultur Haus

What happens between two people? Magic, love, tension – communication. The short film programme BETWEEN HUMANS, curated by Petra Erdmann, lets its protagonists meet each other while crossing physical and political borders.

Thu - NOV 22

17:30 @ Medien Kultur Haus

On Thursday we’ll dive BETWEEN CULTURES. Through a cooperation with the This Human World Festival we will show Djon África (Joao Miller Guerra & Filipa Reis, BRA 2018 OmU, DCP, 98 min).

Fri - NOV 23

19:30 @ Alter Schl8hof Wels

Day to day we are moving between different roles. How much of those is a mask, reality, or an ascribed role? During the media meeting BETWEEN GENDER ROLE AND REALITY four women will be discussing their roles in cultural work. Edith Huemer, Martina Schöggl, Victoria Schmid, Ebru Düzgün.

Sat - NOV 24

15:00 @ Medien Kultur Haus

On Saturday we’ll enter a time machine and travel to our programme BETWEEN TIME where we’ll show the episodic film Slidin’ Alles Bunt und Wunderbar (Barbara Albert, Michael Grimm, Reinhard Jud, AT 1998, OmU, 35mm, 94 min)