Short Film Programme LOST & FOUND

Short Films produced in 2021

Thursday April 7th 6:30 pm

@ Medien Kultur Haus

Not only do the three films shown have a similar theme, the time and place of origin are also very close to one another. The animated film “Villa Lost & Found”, which was made in the workshop with Sarah Braid and Deepa Antony in August at the Medien Kultur Haus, will be presented. “Lost” also celebrates its premiere that evening. The makers of this film have been supported by Laura Ettel and Paul Porenta. At the same time the duo suna films who, as part of their film residency at the YOUKI Summer Edition, worked on their experimental contribution “Lost & Found” which makes losing and finding tangible.

Villa Lost & Found

Medien Kultur Haus

Animation, 3 min., Austria, 2021, OVEs

An episode cartoon about a mysterious villa with strange residents in the woods. New rooms and characters appear unpredictably, suddenly things disappear and explode. Quirky and made with a wide variety of techniques: Traditionally drawn, computer animation, Lego stop motion.


Medien Kultur Haus

Fiction, 19 min., Austria, 2021, OVEs

& Making of from Jonas Wiesinger

The film tells of the siblings Nina and Ben, who live together in an apartment on the 21st floor of the Maria-Theresien skyscraper in Wels. Their parents are not with them. The situation seems problematic. Ben is already grown up, but doesn't have a job right now. After his girlfriend Tamara has left him, he spends days in his room and doesn't even let his sister get close to him. When Nina comes back from shopping one day, Ben has disappeared.

Lost & Found

suna films

Experimental, 6 min., Austria, 2021, OVEs

Intimate details of our personality distributed on servers all over the world. Loss of self and indifference in a permanent capitalist program. Rediscovery of simplicity. Natural disasters. Escape movements. Lava lamps and the question of guilt. Images and sounds from a wide variety of sources combined to an intense journey through the problems and contradictions of a broken digital society.