October 11th

7 pm

@ Medien Kultur Haus & Programmkino

Free Admission

Festival Opening

An evening dedicated to young talent. At the festive opening of the 24th festival edition, young regional film stars present their works. The YOUKI opening ceremony is also the kick-off for the Austria-wide initiative "IG Filmbildung".

In keeping with tradition, the opening will begin in the foyer of the Medien Kultur Haus. Besides the best entertainment by the festival directors and speeches by political representatives and sponsores, the main focus will be on media and film education. On this occasion, the initiative "IG Filmbildung", consisting of prominent members of the Austrian film, cinema and education scene, celebrates its kick-off this evening. Afterwards, the evening will lead to the Programmkino Wels. Young Upper Austrian directors bring their latest works home after international festival participation.

Leni Gruber from Wels and Alex Reinberg from Linz present with their comedy "Hollywood" the struggle of a young actress on her career path. The duo Clemens Niel and Dominik Galleya, also from Linz, talk about puberty in the middle of nowhere, German rap and finding one's identity in the short film "Tauchen" ("Diving").

To round off the evening, the YOUKI team will take to the turntables. YOUKI classics, all-time favorites and arbitrary gems invite you for a dance!

by Leni Gruber & Alex Reinbger, AT 2022, 27:00, OmeU

“Training victim” for the local fire department may be high up on the list of the most underrated jobs in the world, but it’s not exactly the top goal of an acting student like Anna. Her father has organized an interview for her at the local bank, but the tight business suit, narrow walls, and narrow halls block her view of Hollywood. (from Diagonale catalog 2021)

by Clemens Niel & Dominik Galleya Tendl, AT 2021, 14:00, OmeU

The teenager Elias grows up in less than optimal economic circumstances, socialized mainly by men. Through the texts of his rap idols, such as RAF Camora and Yung Hurn, he dreams up his desire for a life of material and social wealth. A fearlessly sensitive film about the youthful development of identity and class consciousness. (from Diagonale catalog 2022)

Clemens Niel and Leni Gruber are also part of the > jury of this year's > film competition.