A cinematic walk through the metropolis of Wels was planned for the 2020 festival opening. Unfortunately, this film tour has to be canceled due to the occasion. But we are still opening the festival: we will introduce you to this years festival centre, tell you about how YOUKI became YOUKI this year an watch a short film programme together.

The short films that can be seen at the opening of YOUKI 2020 all come from Austria and could hardly be more diverse. From criticism of gender images to abstract protests to memories of a summer as a teenager, everything is included.

Rewatch the opening ceremony here:

And stream the four Austrian short films of the opening at KINO VOD CLUB.

Geh Vau (Marie Luise Lehner, AUT 2019, fiction, 21min)

While the two young women Thea and Paula in their togetherness can be open, easy and without feeling of shame, a latent feeling of embarrassment enters the room with the beautiful, young Anton. A chamber play full of young, carefree freedom of movement.

Hard-headed Harmony (Michael Heindl, AUT / GBR 2019, experimental, 1min)

Visual artist, painter and filmmaker Michael Heindl went to England, looked for 9 monuments for "great thinkers" and we laugh. Briefly, and to the point.

Persistent Disturbance (Laurien Bachmann, Sebastian Six, PER / CHL / ARG / AUT 2019, Experimental, 8min)

The two Upper Austrian artists stopped on their journey through South America and disturbed the apparent peace. You realize you have to ask yourself the question: Should we (not) disturb all the time?

Travič (Michael Schmidl, Rafael Schlager, Max Kurer, HRV / AUT 2018, Documentary, 7min)

Friends, summer, sea, skateboards. As "Guppi Gang" the 7 boys drove to and through Croatia and created a tender, intimate memento of a wonderful, gentle relationship.

Geh Vau by Marie Luise Lehner AUT 2019, Fiction, 21min
Hard-headed Harmony by Michael Heindl AUT/GBR 2019, Experimental, 1min
Persistent Disturbance by Laurien Bachmann and Sebastian Six, PER/CHL/ARG/AUT 2019, Experimental, 8min
Travicˇ by Michael Schmidl, Rafael Schlager and Max Kurer, HRV/AUT 2018, Documentary, 7min

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