space design festival centre

Together with the GANG Atelier, YOUKI is looking for a space-creating concept of the festival center. The announcement is aimed primarily at students from the fields of fine arts, media art, architecture, design and stage design, but is also open to contributions from other fields.

The festival center is located in a 213 m2 room with a clear room height of 5.19 m. The room will be used for various programmes, communal meals and functions as a meeting point. Due to this years festival focus it should be designed especially decadent.

The concepts of the winners will be realized at the beginning of the festival. Young teams (but also individuals) have the opportunity to try themselves in an inspirational environment, to realize a first major project and to develop common strategies for future collaboration.

Submit by 31 August!

Realization budget 1200 € + Price Money + Fame

Realization 11 - 17 November 2019

All information about the Open_Call_2019 and Downloads of plan material and models.

If you have any questions about the open call, please contact the GANG!