Bosna, Saló & sch4tz1 b2b aer


Thursday November 18th 9:00 pm

@ Alter Schlachthof

Bosna are Pete Prison IV (Vereter, Mekongg) and Sticky Lenz (Just Friends And Lovers, Lonesome Hot Dudes, Lime Crush). Their music provides insights into their collective psyche. Fragmentary narratives and memories as well as the examination of socio-political topics such as racism and homophobia characterize Pete‘s lyrics. Hypnotic loops, catchy guitar riffs and the melancholic voices interweave with the rough drums to form a dense melodic unit. Odd jazzy beats find their way into Bosna’s music as well as noisy arrangements, which in turn are broken by dreamy passages in the next moment.

Salò lives in Vienna and, according to the musician’s statements, makes music for dog petting people, those who refuse to work and everyone else who has feelings. The whole thing sounds like a wild mixture of German PostWave, Pop and Punk. Songs about life, suffering and probably the most beautiful mental illness in the world - love. Ah, what more could you want?

sch4tz1 and aer are a Linz based Dj couple. At Youki they have their first joint performance which makes them explore bringing together their different approaches to music. With a mix of euphoric trance and heartcore they lead you into an emotional rave.

aer are the technical mastermind behind the duo and a newcomer to performing live.

sch4tz1 is a producer and artist who already knows the stage.