October 13th

9 pm

Alter Schlachthof

7 or 10 Euro > Tickets

Nightline: The Kadesh, Zweitlaster & Helix

The YOUKI Nightline presents young and upcoming talents of the local music scene and invites you, after long days at the cinema, to even longer nights on the dance floor. This evening, the party is on with The Kadesh, Zweilaster and Helix.

The Kadesh are an Austrian neo-psychedelic rock trio formed in 2021. The group consists of Veselin Hristov (guitar and vocals), Jakob Pellegrini (bass and keyboards) and Kristian Fodor (drums). Their music blends melodic songwriting with improvisation, abandoning the notion of performance as an exact replica of the original idea.

Zweilaster play finest flat wave (self-invented)/minimal punk/garage. The band questions the state of today's rotten world with their witty stage performances and over-brilliant, self-ironic, -reflective lyrics! Drummer Ollenixxe recently described her work as "nerve-wracking" and "yet relaxing", guitarist ArnoArial speaks rather of a necessity for "self-fulfillment of his dreams".

Helix is a DJ from Linz, a dancer with a preference for hip hop, freestyle and house and at some point started collecting good music. In 2018 she started to DJ at jams, dance bats and clubs besides dancing. She likes to surprise people with new music and good mood.