Partying and raving are sadly cancelled this year. We still want to hear music though! Just like during the previous years, YOUKI strives to offer a stage for young Austrian musicians. We are continuing this thought in 2020 with the NIGHTLINE SESSIONS and are sending our musicians to some rather uncommon places. There, they’ll perform three songs for us and give insights into their musical process of creation.

Every evening after the side programmes there will be a nightline session lon our homepage and to stream afterwards.

Each act plays three songs and gives an insight into their musical work through short conversations.


Aze are BEYZA and EZGI. Both are originally from Upper Austria and now live together in Vienna. They see themselves as independent artists who incorporate their own preferences and experiences into the project Aze. Their music plays with elements from RnB, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Oriental music. Combined with honest lyrics, they are guaranteeing a good mood that feels intimate and energized.


Born in Lower Austria, Baere, who lives in Vienna, is inspiring not only fans of the singer/songwriter genre on stage with his calm, harmonious songs. Profound, personal English texts are joined with a distinctive mix of classical Folk and modern Indie.


© Julian Van Urban

Dritte Hand is a band from the Lower Austrian Mostviertel singing in the dialect from there and in German. Rough and soft poetry meets thundering and beautiful guitar, pushing rhythms, and the most haunting organ sounds ever since Jim Morrison left The Doors and the plug got pulled from Ray Manzarek. The main ingredients of their album “Kuchlsitzen”, released in March, are Woodstock vibes of the 60s, Patti Smith romance from the 70s, Neue- Deutsche-Welle dada from the 80s, Grunge guitar screams from the 90s and downtempo hip-hop beats from the late 2000s.


© Christian Sundl

Selbstgespräche transzendieren das Individuum und richten sich mit psychotischer Dringlichkeit an die Welt. Wie geht man um mit all dieser Sickness in einem selbst und da draußen? „Mit Melancholie!“, wird Zinn in jedem Lied antworten. Dunkle Stimmen singen sich mit zerbrechlicher Vehemenz in den Schlaf und warten auf einen Dream Pop. Lo-fi Einfachheit wird mit dramatischen Garage-Gitarren in die düstere Buntheit des Weird-, Psychedelic Folk losgelassen, um gegen all die Windmühlen zu kämpfen.