Mascha, Köller, Mirac & Spinelly

Fri. NOV 22nd 9:00 pm @ Alter Schlachthof, 10 Euro

Friday’s becoming more electronic with Mascha, Köller, Mirac and Spinelly. Köller are bringing their Hip-Hop-Indie-Pop to the Nightline from the vicinity of Wels. Mascha will arrive from her chosen home Vienna and lighten up our evening with critical Pop.

Feel free to stay late and enjoy the party until the turntables of Spinelly and Mirac have completed their final revolution because the YOUKI programme will start a bit later on Saturday anyway!


Mascha is producing much more than just music. If you’re trying to find vapid lyrics you won’t have much luck with her work. She expresses her opinion on the conviction of Sigi Maurer (Austrian politician), she writes a parody on the Schlager genre with “Liebe Siegt”, only to raise awareness for violence against women in the next moment. Her songs are pointed, she wants to rile up. You can’t really assign her to one genre but you should be proud about that. Who else offers critical pop, mixing in Ukrainian samples and a self-produced video?


They’re siblings, they’ve grown up with Prince records, they’re studying at the school for pop music in Linz and they’re releasing a new EP as Köller. We won’t say too much but it sounds mighty fine. She’s singing, he’s producing and building the melodic beats. They’ve set a high bar with their first EP “Apprec”, only to surpass themselves with their single “Azure”. Their ambition can be heard in their records - everything is perfectly in sync, everything is in its right place.

Mirac and Spinelly

Spinelly and Mirac both hail from the vicinity of the Duzz Down San label. Spinelly is known for her technically sound sets where she manages to transcend genre boundaries. Mirac stems from the rap scene. As of now, he is mainly working as a DJ, producer, and also as the sound designer of some movies.