October 15th

3 pm

@ Medien Kultur Haus & Instagram live

Free Admission

"You´ll never work alone" - Talk with The Golden Pixel Cooperative

Together with The Golden Pixel Cooperative we talk about designing new strategies of work in cinema, art and media and ask: How can work be organized collaboratively and in solidarity while being feminist, visionary and sustainable?

“You’ll never work alone” is a conversation with Enar de Dios Rodriguez, Nathalie Koger and Mona Schwitzer. The three are members of The Golden Pixel Cooperative and editors of the book "YOU'LL NEVER WORK ALONE: COLLECTIVE INFRASTRUCTURES IN MOVING IMAGES." Together they talk about strategies for working in solidarity and give insight into examples of collectively organized creative spaces.

The conversation will be broadcasted live on Instagram, offering the opportunity to join in the discussion from afar.

The Golden Pixel Cooperative (GPC) is an association for moving images, arts and media, active within both exhibition and cinema contexts. It was founded from the need to act collectively in a predominantly individual cultural landscape.

With a critical, feminist and antidiscriminatory approach, GPC works on the production, distribution, and presentation of artworks and discourses. They foster empowerment and solidarity by enabling exchange and support between artists, cultural workers, educators and thinkers. Collectively, they work on projects that have various formats such as screenings, exhibitions, symposia and publications.

The book „YOU’LL NEVER WORK ALONE: COLLECTIVE INFRASTRUCTURES IN MOVING IMAGES.“ (2022) addresses the possibilities and challenges of collective cinematic and artistic work, focusing on collaborative social, material, and visionary infrastructures that have developed or may develop through collective working practices.