Media Meeting with This Human World festival

Wed. NOV 20th 5:30 pm @ Programmkino Wels

Goldie, Sam de Jong, USA 2019, Fiction, OV, 88 min.

At least in the eyes of her little sisters, Goldie is a star. Her big break certainly waits, she just has to pay for the golden fur coat she's hoping for to become the dancer in a hip-hop video…and prevent child welfare services from separating them from their sisters after their mother had to go to jail. Director SAM DE JONG has made a real New York movie with Goldie: raw and glamorous, unflinchingly realistic and relentlessly optimistic - with a lot of heart and at least as much attitude.

In a discussion after the screening we will have a look at the DECADENCE and the need thereof of the protagonist. The relationship to or the ideal of money, self-portrayal and status in the life of a young woman between dream and reality is something that a lot of young people can relate to. In a world of sparkling music videos life seems to be more comfortable than in one’s surroundings that are often not so sparkly. The questions remains if that sparkle is actually as desirable and worthwile as it seems.

This Human World brings great international and national films to Vienna that deal with sociopolitical issues, problems and challenges and show the global handling of human rights in many different ways.