Media Meeting with PCCC*

Fri. NOV 22nd 7:30 pm @ Alter Schlachthof

Whenever movies try to show DECADENCE, it’s always around 1923. The world is about to end but everybody’s laughing loudly while dancing Charleston and spilling drinks in a smokey speak-easy. Today the world hasn’t been too well either: Climate change, corporations, borders, idiots with internet access, you name it. But that doesn’t mean that PCCC*, the politically correct comedy club, won’t be having a good time! We’ll keep on laughing too loud, staying up two days in a row and having one too many. Because who would benefit if we didn’t? Nobody! Or do we maybe really post too many doge memes using the Wi-Fi that is now available on budget flights?

Let’s talk about it – as responsible as necessary and as decadent as possible. PCCC* are DENICE BOURBON (DJ, artist, author, host), JOSEF JÖCHL (working in media in some way) and a changing ensemble of kick-ass comedians. “Our goal: Comedy for more people than just white hetero men. Nobody should have to “just get a joke” and “not be offended” because “everyone gets joked about”. That’s why we’re working together with our sensitivity reader who analyses our texts and with an ensemble of constantly changing comedians representing the variety of the Viennese scene”