Media Meeting with Andi Eli

Thu. NOV 21st 5:00 pm @ Programmkino

Dune, David Lynch, USA 1984, Fiction, OV, 137min

In 1984 Dune was not commercially or critically successful at all. DAVID LYNCH wanted to bring a five-hour-version to the cinemas but because of the producers right to have the last word it turned out to be a bit over two hours long. Only years later the film reached the cult status it has now.

It’s the year 10191. The ones in power on the desert planet Arrakis aka Dune are fighting over the mining of the drug “Spice”. Whoever reigns over “Spice” reigns over the entire universe. A mother and son land on the Dune after the murder of the family father and meet the native desert people Fremen that have a prophecy of a man coming to the planet someday and saving the entire world.

ANDI ELI is a projectionist, not just at YOUKI for many years but also a lot of other events and places all over Austria. Born in Germany 1980 he moved to Vienna eleven years ago and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. Andi will be speaking about the environmental DECADENCE in Dune, inspired by the festival focus DECADENCE, and will analize the film together with the audience. It is always a pleasure to listen to Andi. Full of heart and passion, he gives his audience new perspectives on film.