Memories blur, transform, dissolve, slowly resurface

Interactive dialog with Johannes Gierlinger, Yasmin Nebenf├╝hr, Martina Genetti and Lisa Heuschober

Thursday November 18th 7:oo pm

@ Medien Kultur Haus

Often it is not possible to reconstruct a story from only a picture, as we forget about the details - or we never knew them in the first place. Nevertheless, pictures often reveil more than we assume we know and let us think about more than we actually see.

Processes of collecting, searching, researching, archiving and narrating will be reflected on by Johannes Gierlinger (filmmaker), Yasmin Nebenf├╝hr (photo and media artist), Martina Genetti (curator with a focus on memory culture) and Lisa Heuschober (curator and cultural worker). They will share insights to their work and their interest in archive material and found footage and focus on questions about individual and collective memories and the creative scope this material offers.

Together with the audience, creative narratives are to be developed - composed of the forgotten and the (re)found material: Collages, photo stories, written and oral narratives, science fiction picture stories, historical research, a photo album full of gaps. The boundaries between documentary and fiction may and should be questioned, dissolved and redrawn.