Lost Places

Foto Exibition spread over the city

from November 16th till 20th

Guided Tour with Fotographer Paul Pibernig Friday November 19th 1 pm

A map of the exhibition locations can be obtained from the festival center.

August 29, 2021: Rainy summer day.

One mission: to find the soul of the lost city.

Equipped with cameras and smartphones, a group of young people set out through the first rays of sunshine this city has seen in days. To find (themselves), to lose (themselves), to find the lost self, to re-discover lost treasures of the city and new perspectives on it and finally to explore the most hidden sides of Wels or to learn to see anew what is already known. This is what happened at the “Lost Places Fotowalk” during the YOUKI Summer Edition.

The outcome of the "Lost Places Fotowalk" will be exhibited from November 16th to 20th at various locations in Wels. Paul Pibernig (photographer), who designed the Fotowalk in the summer, will place a selection of the photos in the city and will guide through the exhibition on Friday, November 19th at 1:00 pm!