LOST - Short Film Programme

Selection from the competition programme 2021

Saturday November 20 1:00 pm

@ Programmkino Wels

We all get lost sometimes - and so do the protagonists of the films in this program. A new city you move to can make you feel lost. From a quirky documentary that talks about a loss of friendship during the epidemic, a mischievous cat who is not happy with her new flatmate, to a classic teenage super-drama - this program is dedicated to those who are looking for something (while feeling a bit lost).

“LOST” and “FOUND” are a selection from the 2021 competition programme. They show stories, people and experiences from international filmmakers. An excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of young short film.

The Adventures of Justiceman

Florian Winkler, Maximilian Punz

Animation, 2min, Austria, 2020, OVE

On the Quayside

Daniel Olmos Ochoa

Fiction, 14min, Denmark, 2021, OVE

Pink Pleasure Doom

Maja Kjellstad Aanonsen

Animation, 4min, Norway, 2021, OVE

When we pretend (we die)

Embla Åslein

Fiction, 20min, Norway, 2021, OVEs

Em Portugal com os Patos

Patrick Milani

Documentary, 17min, Portugal, 2021, OVEs


Ludmila Smolyar

Animation, 5min, Russian Federation, 2021, n/d

Shower Boys

Christian Zetterberg

Fiction, 9min, Sweden, 2021, OVEs