Lost on the beach or how to find a story

The cooperation between YOUKI and this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival has existed for several years now - always with the intention of mutual contentual enrichment. In line with YOUKI's annual theme LOST & FOUND, this human world contributes the Romanian documentary "Lost Kids On The Beach'' to this year's YOUKI program. In the presence of this human world’s festival directors, the film screening will be followed by discussion on questions about finding stories and people: How do filmmakers find the right protagonists for their projects? How can homogeneous groups be diversified? How can diverse perspectives be achieved in documentary film?

Until then, we leave you with this question: Have you ever been lost on the beach?

Lost Kids On The Beach

Alina Manolache, Romania, 2020, 70min, OVEs

“Good morning beach! Good morning sun and sea! Before today’s podcast of August 9, 1994, we have an important announcement to make. The photographer has found a lost boy on the beach! The boy has planet-patterned shorts. Parents please come to take him from our radio station. You are listening to Beach News!”

Filmmaker Alina Manolache was born in Romania in 1990 - the year after the fall of the Romanian dictator Ceausescu. With this political event, a new era dawned on her home country: post-communism. For her film "Lost Kids On the Beach" she designs a call: she searches for people who were lost on the beach as children in the nineties. This seemingly arbitrary method of finding people turns into a portrait of a generation that grew up during the upheaval of a country.