The festival center is located in the gallery of the Medien Kultur Haus. There is space for all festival guests. It is the place that serves as a retreat and meeting point for the audience, guests and team between the programs of the festival, but is also the venue for various program points and always provides opportunities for interaction, learning and inspiration through the workplaces of various artists*.

The festival center is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm. Come by to stay, rest, meet, eat, get to know each other, learn, be creative, sleep, try things out, think, listen, create, and most of all, enjoy and do nothing.

> Pollheimerstra├če 17, 4600 Wels
= Festival Center
= Medien Kultur Haus
= Programmkino Wels
= Extrazimmer AG

> Dragonerstra├če 22, 4600 Wels
= Nightline Location, Alter Schlachthof

> online (Competition Programs only)
live @ dorftv.at
live @ okto.tv
on demand during the festival week @ KINO VOD CLUB

We recommend arriving by bike, bus, train or on foot.