October 13th

7 pm

@ Alter Schlachthof

Free Admission

READING: Lina Ehrentraut & Leonhard Hieronymi

Parallel Worlds · Pinocchio Ice Cream · Double Identities · Trance

Together with Lina Ehrentraut and Leonhard Hieronymi, the YOUKI literary programme embarks on a journey through parallel worlds, queer relationships, the ice cream parlours of Germany and the sound of the early nineties.

We want more! More (self-)love, more ice, more clubs and worlds where everything is more beautiful, wilder and louder. Together with Lina Ehrentraut and Leonhard Hieronymi, we let ourselves be carried away into other dimensions. While the scientist Nici in Lina Ehrentraut's début “Melek + ich” (Edition Moderne, 2021) builds a body with which she can travel into parallel dimensions, Leonhard Hieronymi travels across Germany with an old school friend in in “MOSTRO” (starfruit, 2021) to eat as much Pinocchio ice cream as possible. Along the 2500 kilometer route, they listen to trance – the early sound of the nineties – which is also the starting point for Hieronymi's book of the same name (Korbinian Verlag, 2022).

Lina Ehrentraut lives in Leipzig, where she graduated from the illustration class at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig in 2020. Together with the SQUASH collective, Lina publishes the SQUASH-Zine, organises the Snail Eye Festival and occasionally exhibits.

Leonhard Hieronymi is a freelance writer. He studied theater studies, he can't stand theater. His texts are about ice cream, cemeteries and Jodie Foster. His current book is called TRANCE: Amok, Drogen und der Sound of Frankfurt and is again about the techno scene in Frankfurt am Main in the 1990s.

Pictures: Lina Ehrentraut © Anna Maria Krezel, Leonhard Hieronymi © Linda Rosa Saal
Pictures from "melek + ich" © Lina Ehrentraut, Cover "Trance" © Leonhard Hieronymi