Six lucky winners* emerge from the international film competition of the 24th festival edition. Our five-member jury presents five awards, including three main prizes in the respective age categories (13 - 17, 18 - 22 and 23 - 27 years), the Austrian Award and the Innovative Film Award, which focuses less on cinematic perfection than on thematic, content-related and/or formally innovative approaches. The audience is also allowed to award a prize and chooses their film highlight of 2022 by voting in the cinema.

Clemens Niel is currently studying "Time-Based Media Art" at the Art University in Linz. As a freelance director and cinematographer, he works on music videos (for example for “Sharktank”, “Quelle Chris”, “Dives”) as well as short films. His latest film "Tauchen" premiered at the Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film.

Katja Morand is Co-Festival Director of the Swiss Youth Film Festival and holds an MA in Film Studies and German Language and Literature. In addition, she is the programmer of chinoworb (cinema in Worb), part of the programming team of the Luststreifen Film Festival Basel, programmer at Fantoche - International Festival for Animated Film Baden and board member of Balimage - Verein für Basler Film und Medienkunst.

Marija Milovanovic is a cultural manager and curator and has been working for Vienna Shorts since 2008 as co-head of the international competition "Fiction & Documentary". In 2021 she took over the project management of the Video & Filmtage in Vienna and became a member of the selection committee of the short film section of the Berlinale Generation. Marija is also co-founder of Lemonade Films, a distributor for Austrian short films and mixed media projects.

Rosa Friedrich was born in East Berlin and studied directing with Michael Haneke and Jessica Hausner at the Vienna Film Academy. In 2021 she was part of Berlinale Talents. As an independent filmmaker, she has already made two no-budget feature films: “Buschow” (2014) and “Wander” (2022). Her short film “Topfpalmen” (2020) was screened at international festivals and won the Screenplay Award at the Tel Aviv Student Film Festival. (Bild: © Albert Car)

Leni Gruber moved from Wels to Vienna to study book and dramaturgy at the Vienna Film Academy. In the meantime she has already realized several short films. Her latest film "Hollywood" (together with Alexander Reinberg) premiered at the Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film and was awarded the Local Artist Award at Crossing Europe and the Audience Award at Vienna Shorts.(Bild: © Johannes Gierlinger)