International Film Competition

From 3090 submissions, 90 films have made it to the International Film Competition. The films are shown daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm in 12 thematic blocks at the Programmkino. After the screenings, Q & A's will follow with the filmmakers present.

The tickets for the competition program are free. Reservations are especially recommended for larger groups.

Wednesday November 20th


10:30–12:00 FAMILY

12:00–13:30 DO YOUR JOB!

15:00–16:30 HEALTHY

Thursday November 22nd

09:00–10:30 MUG

10:30–12:00 /OBLIQUE

12:00–13:30 DISCOVER

15:00–16:30 DISCOVERED

Friday November 23rd

09:00–10:30 (STAND-)STILL

10:30–12:00 WANDER

12:00–13:30 GO

15:00–16:30 OUR STORY