Ghost Stories

Exhibition by Yasmin Nebenführ

November 16th till 20th

Beginning of the exhibition during the opening of the festival

@ Medien Kultur Haus

"In this series, I explore the found image: its future presentations, transformations, and authorship." Found images have the potential to distort facts and fiction. They can organize and visually illustrate thoughts and stories. By assembling, collecting, retelling, and presenting these fragments, “Ghost Stories” addresses transitions in narrative, the ownership of images, and the memories they hold.

Yasmin Nebenführ is an Australian photomedia artist based in Berlin, Germany. Engaging in ideas of micro and macro locations, her experimental practice incorporates digital and analogue techniques to present abstracted imagery. Utilising her archiving work experience throughout her practice, she constantly seeks new ways to transform and re-present images and narratives from her personal collections of found imagery.

Leave to the wind [Series: Ghost Stories], 2021, Berlin © Yasmin Nebenführ