The YOUKI award ceremony offers a festive ending of and a retrospective on the festival week that has just passed. We will dress up, decorate the room, cool the Champagne and… turn on the cameras!

Saturday November 21st 8 pm (CET) live on our homepage

The filmmakers are central to this evening, as the coveted YOUKI awards are being awarded. This year the ceremony is held as a live-show streamed on The festival film that has been created during the festival week will also premiere on this evening. The spectacle will be accompanied by the band Bipolar Feminin that who will add an extra dash of energy to the event.

No matter where the audience chooses to spend this evening, we advise wearing evening clothing (pajamas or a dress coat) and cooling some festive drinks.


The four-part band which stems from Ebensee and is at home in Vienna moves within a musical space whose walls are being broken in. Impressions from their home meet an anger that is justified in the face of the circumstances. All of this within music that confronts its listeners with the known and still fights everything that is established - at times even itself. Maybe it’s not at all the music but rather the conduct of the band, led by the best frontwoman Austria has to offer, that hardly allows anything but a form of punk. But even this definition will get fought.

  • YOUKI Trophies

    from Paul Pibernig


    from Leo Haas