Every year we are inviting young filmmakers to conjoin their stories with their personal views on the festival. What often takes years - script, production, shooting, editing, post-production… - here has to be done in a week. Time is the only prerequisite, the film should be presented at the award ceremony. The excitement resulting from this leads to spontaneity, open-mindedness and quick decisions that mostly let the film’s execution be all the more merry.

This year we invited LEOPOLD HAAS to spend the festival with us and create the festival film. After being presented at our award ceremony, the film will be viewable on our online platforms from November 22nd on.


Born in 1996, LEOPOLD HAAS grew up in Spain. He has been living in Vienna since 2014 and is studying “Art and Film” at the Academy of Fine Arts. Leo mostly concerns himself with documentary, diarylike works. When seeing Chris Marker’s “Junkopia” for the first time, he noticed that film offers infinite artistic opportunities. Shortly after that, he started to realize first forays into video where he documented his first years in Vienna. By editing video and sound, Leo created new narratives that had not been present for him before. It is thus that his passion for film started.

  • PROGRAMM 2020