Female* perspectives behind the camera.

Instagram Live Talk with Bianca Jasmina Rauch @youki_official

November 18th 2:30 pm

Who is writing the stories that flicker across our screens? Who is constructing the characters we share our emotions with, who makes us yearn after them, who impresses us, who makes us fall in love, who makes us cry? Who is creating the images and visual worlds that mirror and reproduce norms, dimensions of power, and the systems of society? And who is therein written about, rewritten, and written without developing the stories themselves? Despite a growing number of initiatives dedicated to a more diverse film landscape, there is still a lot for all of us to do.

In conversation with Bianca Jasmina Rauch the instagram live-talk “Der andere Blick. Female* perspectives behind the camera.” aims for a reflection of power dimensions regarding gender in the film industry and focuses on the effects of these dimensions regarding the stories we consume.

Bianca Jasmina Rauch is a Vienna based freelance film critic (a.o. Filmlöwin), podcaster (a.o. Ned Wuascht) and film scholar with a focus on feminist film theory and history at the Film Academy Vienna.

Bianca Jasmina Rauch © Bianca Jasmina Rauch