Media Space
Verein zur Entwicklung von Medienkultur
Pollheimerstraße 17
4600 Wels
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Telefon: +43 699 172 355 03
Rechtsform: Verein
ZVR-Zahl: 579621382
UID: ATU56751214
Vereinsvorstand: Anna Prischl, Anna Rieder MA,
Mag.a. Laura-Lee Röckendorfer

Content: Media Space - Verein zur Entwicklung von Medienkultur
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Editorial: Sebastian Höglinger, Anna Prischl, Anna Rieder, Laura-Lee Röckendorfer, Boris Schuld, Gregor Schernhuber, Peter Schernhuber u.a.
Photographs: Xenia Bluhm, system jaquelinde, Anja Kundrat, Lukas Maul, Maria Mclean, Jasmin Peter, Tobias Stadler, Gregor Schernhuber, Hannah Schwaiger

Purpose of the organisation

The organisation, whose activity is not for profit, aims to popularize reflected media work in the educational process. It sees itself as an open platform for the initiation and realisation of media education projects, discussions, events, exhibitions, publications and other activities. In general, it focuses on a critical, pedagogically accentuated examination of the cultural, social and political consequences arising from the use of all media. The association is politically and denominationally independent.