October 13th

9 am

@ Programmkino Wels

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+ live @ dorftv and okto

Competition Program 5

Disconnected Head
by Andreas Dürr
Germany 2022, 06:43 min., n/d

Code Red
by Jada Poon
United States of America 2021, 11:14 min., OV

by Ulises Altamirano, Marco Borello, Joaquín Medina, Nicolás Ortiz, Iván Pereyra
Argentina 2021, 02:00 min., n/d

The Magic Amulet
by Lilith Engelmohr, Mia Engelmohr, Carla Hass, Aaron Lepler, Casper Oberstebrink, Niklas Plass, Benjamin Schnackenburg, Mila von Bodelschwingh
Germany 2021, 05:43 min., OVs

Young Again
by Manca Rakun
Slovenia 2021, 08:04 min., OVs

Any other Questions
by Shari Ehlers
Austria 2021, 07:19 min., OV

Skaz: Sirin's Song
by Matt Lashko
Russian Federation 2022, 14:29 min., OVs


From the approximately 800 short films submitted from 75 countries, we have put together a unique program. The films are funny, creative, crazy, sensitive, searching and courageous. They are feature films, documentaries, music videos, animated films or essays. Some are as short as 20 seconds, or as long as 20 minutes. Those who made them are between 13 and 27 years old.

The 79 films in the international competition will be shown in ten short film blocks in cinemas and online. Six > YOUKI-Awards will be presented at the end of the festival.


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