October 15th

2 pm

@ Programmkino Wels

Free Admission

Cinema for the little ones

It's never too early to ignite a passion for cinema. That's why YOUKI invites everyone aged 6 and up to sit in the red cinema seats, which are still far too big. Theater maker Laura Lee Jacobi playfully guides the audience through an exciting program of short films by young artists.

For some, the love of cinema was awakened very early in life, and in most people's minds a film from their childhood is burned into their memory down to the last detail. In order to continue this fascination, the YOUKI Cinema for the little ones was created, which celebrates the magical moment of the often first visit to the cinema in a child-friendly way. In the process, theater maker Laura Lee Jacobi uses playful methods to guide the children through an exciting and age-appropriate short film program. Don't worry, there's no need to sit still and be silent. The film selection comes from the YOUKI archive and represents an entertaining program by young filmmakers that will also enchant adult companions.