October 15th

11 am

@ Medien Kultur Haus

Free Admission

Breakfast Club #metoo

Talking to young people from the local film industry, as well as contact and advice centers.

As a cooperation between YOUKI and Cinema Next, the Breakfast Club will this year be dedicated to the topics of raising awareness and providing help in the context of the #metoo debate in Austria. In June 2022 the demand to break the silence about these power hierarchies in the Austrian film landscape increased, as well as the wish to protect those who have been or still are affected by them.

What are the experiences of young people who are active in the film industry and how do those affected deal with personal experiences? How do observers react (appropriately)? How do educational institutions deal with the current situation? How can safe working conditions be created in one's own production? What is the impact of making violence visible? How can sustainable strategies for the prevention of violence and protective networks for those involved be designed?

We invite you to exchange opinions, experiences and information.

Cinema Next is an initiative with a focus on young filmmaking. Visibility is given to the diversity and quality of the up-and-coming generation of film by providing discussion opportunities, Austria-wide film tours and the introductions of new shooting stars in the scene.