Get rich or cry tryin’ - About life as a filmmaker between art and commerce

Breakfast Club with Cinema Next, Dinko Draganovic, Caro Laa and Laurien Bachmann

Saturday November 20th 11:00 pm

@ youtube live

You make films out of a passion, is the often-told fairy tale - out of an urge to tell an audience something, to touch them. You believe you have found your calling. But what if it is also to become a profession? What if you want to make a living out of it? Does the fairy tale vanish into thin air and you wake up in a world in which cool film festivals or perhaps prizes now and then entice you? A world in which artists often live precariously, funding is scarce, you can perhaps make a film once every few years and are thus forced to work for seemingly evil commerce advertising business? Art, film funding, advertising, self-employment - How can you make a living from filmmaking?

Breakfast and film - experts for both are united in Cinema Next. No matter if it’s the question about the best breakfast roll or the one about the most talented Austrian filmmaker, in both cases their answer would be: They mustn’t be too old! With the format of the Breakfast Club they are offering a space for networking and invite the sharing of thoughts.

Cinema Next is an initiative with a focus on young filmmaking. Visibility is given to the diversity and quality of the up-and-coming generation of film by providing discussion opportunities, Austria-wide film tours and the introductions of new shooting stars in the scene.