Breakfast Club - Cannes or YOUKI?

mit Cinema Next

Sa. 23. NOV 2019 11:00 @ Medien Kultur Haus

We’ll have breakfast with Cinema Next for the first time on Saturday! Muesli, scrambled eggs and coffee create a comfortable atmosphere for talking to young filmmakers. The Breakfast Club serves as a space for networking and invites people to share their thoughts.

Cinema Next is an initiative with a focus on young filmmaking. Visibility is given to the diversity and quality of the up-and-coming generation of film by providing discussion opportunities, Austria-wide film tours and the introductions of new shooting stars in the scene.

Cannes or YOUKI – or maybe both?

Who would not love to see their films at an A-list film festival like Cannes, Berlinale, Venice? But what does it really mean to go to a big international festival with a short film? Is it really only “Berlinale or bust”, or is there perhaps another world, a world of short film festivals or other platforms, where young authors can do better – and so can their films? What can smaller, local festivals offer you on your path to a legit film career?

At the Cinema Next Breakfast Club we will collect five inputs from young filmmakers and professionals and discuss how not all festivals give the same opportunities, especially if you are a young filmmaker in search of visibility and recognition.

Bojana Bregar, programmer (Cinema Next, VIS – Vienna Shorts, FEKK Short Film Festival Ljubljana)

Katie Clark, YOUKI jury member, animator & video artist (UK)
Hermann Greuel, YOUKI jury member & festival director NUFF – Nordic Young Film Festival
Nicolas Pindeus, YOUKI participant, student Film Academy Vienna
Natasha Sharpe, YOUKI participant, animator & illustrator (US)