„BECOMING OUR REALITY is about the radicality in truth. In trying times when we are perpetually told and shown that our world is divided, unchanging and without hope, the reality is we are more connected, more determined, more united in our fight for a better future than what is projected to us. Whether local or global, offline or online, institutional or grass roots, various groups are finding their voice(s) and are no
longer calling for structural change but rather a total overhaul of the hegemonic powers causing division and destruction to humanity and the earth. We are moving beyond what we are told and shown, and instead we are showing, telling and becoming our reality.” (TONICA HUNTER)

Wednesday November 18th 7 pm (CET) live on our homepage

Short Film Programme & Panel Discussion with Marie Noël, Deborah Macauley, Adia Trischler, Lena Niomi Sy

Curated by Tonica Hunter (Series:Black)

BECOMING OUR REALITY asks the question: Are people really as divided as they seem to be? We are starting the evening off with short films by
four brilliant, young multimedia artists from Austria: CAM ROSE, MERCEDES MERCEDES-MERCEDES, LYDIA NSIAH and DEBORAH MACAULEY. They deal each in turn with loss and forms of trauma but also - with overcoming that - they deal with ancestral/spiritual protection and connection, community, cultural heritage and love.

We continue by hosting a panel discussion between four prolific creatives: MARIE NOËL (actress, screenwriter, director), DEBORAH MACAULEY (filmmaker, artist), ADIA TRISCHLER (cultural historian, visual consultant, art director) and LENA NIOMI SY (filmmaker). They will lead and drive the discussion, exchanging amongst each other and sharing with the audience their experiences with various media and projects. Their perspectives as creatives but also as young Black women are an invaluable insight into their realities and experiences within their fields.

TONICA HUNTER is a curator and cultural producer from London and based in Vienna. She has (co-)founded and worked with various collectives such as Series:Black and Sounds of Blackness and projects in Vienna that contribute substantially to conversations and thinking on inclusion in the cultural sector in Austria.

Series:Black unites diverse communities in Austria through visual art/film, sound, repurposing space and active dialogue. The collective was founded by TONICA HUNTER and ADIA TRISCHLER.

Watch the short following short films at KINO VOD CLUB till NOV 22nd.

GRIP by Cam Rose, Amine Sabeur & Darryl Oswald, AUT 2020, Music Video, 4min
Protective Style by Mercedes Mercedes-Mercedes, AUT 2020, Contemporary non-narrative Short, 15min
breathe by Deborah Macauley, AUT 2020, Performance Video, 14min
to forget by Lydia Nsiah, AUT 2019, Experimental, n/d, 17 min

    Side Programme


    Side Programme