Friday night is fully centred around literature. There’s a question that comes with literature: the question of language, of finding one’s own language. Texts will be read that are not written in the main tongue of the authors. Texts that approach the German language, that are in it already; texts that incorporate it, reject it, play with it, fight it, clash with it.

Friday November 20th 7 pm (CET) live

Reading and Talk with Ann Cotten, Mátyás Dunajcsik, Franziska Füchsl und Ovid Pop
Hosted and curated by Jana Waldhör

“Thus the sparring and playing with language, with the flawed, with the discrepancy between inner and outer world is reified - to use a term Adorno appropriated from Engels. This is productive for the thing, for literature. Meanwhile the texts are interesting due to various reasons. Some tell of processes, struggles, feelings of identity; some show them.” (ANN COTTEN)

It is rooted in the nature of language that it is a process as well. Language is always in a state of becoming and needs to be understood as such. The acquisition of another language is rooted in a time that this evening’s authors can still remember. This experience is productive for their texts: new meanings, contexts and empty spaces emerge, sometimes the unexpected shows, and the boundaries of the German language seem to fray at their ends.

ANN COTTEN - Born in Iowa in 1982, grew up in Vienna. Her books include “Fremdwörterbuchsonette” (2007), “Florida-Räume” (2011), “Hauptwerk. Softsoftporn” (2013), “Der schaudernde Fächer” (2013), “Verbannt!” (2016), “Fast Dumm” (2017), “Jikiketsugaki” (2017), “Was geht” (2018), “Lyophilia” (2019); and in English “I, Coleoptile” (2010) and “Lather in Heaven” (2016).

MÁTYÁS DUNAJCSIK is a multilingual poet, author, translator and performer. Born and grown up in Budapest, he has been living in Dresden, Germany since 2018.

FRANZISKA FÜCHSL stems from Butzaschtehauf, Upper Austria, and is living in Vienna and Kiel. Participated in FORUM Text 2018–2020 of the Drama Forum by uniT in Graz. 2018 marked the release of “rätsel in großer schrift” in edition mosaik. “Tagwan”, released at the Ritter imprint in 2020, as well as “My Haarschwund” at Sampson Low, London.

OVID POP - Language changer; works with text, sound and video. Writes prose, essays and poems in German and Romanian. Together with Radostina Patulova, OVID POP is co-founder of kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literarisches Kollektiv in der Zweitsprache in Vienna.


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