When everything got cancelled, many things found a new space to thrive. Quite a lot of stuff was moved to the Internet. Maybe this is just an accelerated development that would have happened to cinemas, festivals and films anyway. Some things change or develop at all times anyway. Before cinema there was theatre that needed to reinvent and change to adapt to the introduction of cinema. Not long ago, film was shot in analogue, copied to film rolls, then sent from cinema to cinema. Today the materials of film are hardly even tangible and movies fly around in clouds or on tiny external memory devices.

Tuesday November 17th 7 pm (CET) live on our homepage

Panel Discussion with Daniel Ebner, Fion Mutert, Lotter Schwert und Eva Krenner

Host: Djamila Grandits

It’s not only films that are online though; their reception also takes place on the Internet. Watch a film from home, close the lid of the laptop afterwards. This development is in stark contrast to film festivals and cinemas that are established as spaces of exchange and of the time and energy one devotes to a film. There, as well as at YOUKI, we can talk about things experienced, discuss and negotiate viewpoints, and carry films and the stories they tell into the real world. We want to discuss these digital developments in a year where many changes and adaptations had to take place; where film was consumed from home much more than usual. We also strive to think about how these developments could continue.

DANIEL EBNER is co-founder and festival director of Vienna Shorts.

EVA KRENNER worked for the YOUKI Festival for a long time, works for the Slash - Festival des fantastischen Films and for the Austrian streaming provider KINO VOD CLUB.

FION MUTERT and LOTTA SCHWERK, two filmmakers from Germany who have been guests of the YOUKI festival since we can remember.


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    Side programme