with Kathrin Resetarits

This three-day workshop, consisting of three two-hour blocks, conveys an active gaze into writing a script. KATHRIN RESETARITS, who leads the workshop and also is Senior Lecturer at Filmakademie Wien offers active support while trying out different writing practices after having introduced the matter briefly.

online & free of charge

Thursday NOV 19th, Friday NOV 20th from 5 - 7 pm (CET) and Saturday NOV 21st from 5 - 8 pm (CET)

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Kathrin aims to break open the classic structure of a script and distance herself as author from “protagonist has an antagonist and a conflict and solves it”. Thus, workshop participants are also encouraged to to discover and develop their own intuition for characters and stories. The second day of the workshop will feature a small bonus for our participants as well. LENI GRUBER, a young Austrian director, scriptwriter and producer will accompany Kathrin through an additional lesson and convey her perspective.

KATHRIN RESETARITS works as an author, dramaturg, director, and actress. She has been artistic advisor to Michael Haneke since 2000 and is the co-author of Lukas Resetarits’ cabaret programme since 1999. She teaches at the Filmakademie Wien and is a founding member of FC GLORIA - Frauen Vernetzung Film. Her latest works as an author include “Licht” (2017) and “Western” (2017).