What makes an artist? When does one describe themselves as such? When does creative work become a job? How does the self change during this process and what moves the artist on their ways?

The festival theme of BECOME describes for us the occupational type of becoming as well, which mostly does not move along straight paths and biographies in creative areas of work. Creative work has long been viewed as mysterious; young people especially have to deal with the challenge of
not getting intimidated, blinded or confused by the artistic myth or hype. With the BECOME A… series we want to break open these barriers and create a feeling of a more direct connection with said artists. There are so many secrets hidden behind films - basically that’s what makes the so called “wonder of film”, as it is known. Sometimes secrets can be told though, and wonders are bound to be discovered!

We explore their paths by letting artists of different (media-) sectors tell their stories themselves. This way, insights can be gained about the vastly different progression of career paths, about how heavily formal education factors into this, and about which difficulties one needs to be prepared to encounter. These experiences told can serve as an inspiration and scaffolding to young creatives alike, helping them to try the creative process

BECOME A ... is a video project that lets artists tell about their careers. YOUKI has been asking various artists since spring this year. The BECOME A… series has been continuously expanded since then.


Katie Clark is a filmmaker from England. In 2018 she won the YOUKI Innovative Film Award and in 2019 she was part of the YOUKI jury.


Evi Romen is an Austrian film editor and screenwriter. This year she presented her directorial debut with "Hochwald". In this clip she answered our questions about editing.


Tim Opermann is a young filmmaker from Vienna. His films have often been shown at the YOUKI festival.


Sybille Bauer is a filmmaker and YOUKI winner from Austria. In 2017 she created the YOUKI trailer.


Natasha Sharp is an animator and filmmaker from America.


Florian Pochlatko grew up with YOUKI. He is in the directing class of the film academy and won the Austrian film award in 2014 for his short film “Erdbeerland”.


    Side Programme


    Side Programme